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Palestine (PNA)

Palestine Liberation Organization, Palestinian National Authority, PNA, PLO, Jewish settlements

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Palestinian National Authority (PNA), interim body created in 1994 to administer Palestinian-populated areas of the West Bank and Gaza Strip. The PNA shares power with and is subordinate to the government of Israel, which seized the West Bank and Gaza Strip in the Six-Day War of 1967. Israel unilaterally relinquished internal administrative control of the Gaza Strip in 2005 and evacuated Israeli settlers from the territory.


The duties of government in the West Bank are divided between Israel and the PNA. Israel maintains nearly complete control over foreign affairs. Israel also controls Jewish settlements and military installations, as well as security and travel between Palestinian-populated areas in the rural parts of the West Bank. While the PNA handles security in the Gaza Strip and in cities of the West Bank, security for most other Palestinian areas in the West Bank falls under the joint control of Israel and the PNA.

The PNA has nearly complete authority over most civil matters in Palestinian areas, including levying taxes, regulating business, and providing education, health care, and social services. The PNA also represents Palestinians in negotiations with Israel regarding further Israeli withdrawals from the West Bank and the final status of the Palestinian areas. In this role, the PNA works alongside the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO).


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