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Web site presents a brief facts book about largest areas of the world, referred as continents, normally. As well as a set of articles about different countries: learn about the resources, people, arts, economy, government, and history of each.

>> Europe (is Eurasia continent)

>> Middle East (is a geopolitical region, itself split between Asia and Africa)

>> Asia (is Eurasia, as well)

>> North America

>> Central America (is a part of North America, geographically, but stands out geopolitically)

>> Caribbean (is a geopolitical part of the world)

>> South America

>> Africa

>> Oceania and Australia (Australia is itself a continent)

>> World - A set of articles about geography as science, planet as a whole, oceans, atmosphere, polar regions, geographic exploration, planet's past and future, contemporary issues.

Above are links splitting Eurasia into two. Cutting Middle East away from Africa and Asia. Cutting Central America away from North America. Standing out Caribbean and Oceania as separate regions. So, continents are usually identified by convention criteria, not so strict way.

So, a continent (there are 6 total) is one of several largest landmasses of this planet. Classic continents are Eurasia (largest), Africa, North America, South America, Antarctica and Australia (smallest).

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